Joyce Yahouda Gallery

Guillaume Boudrias-Plouffe, Bernard Gamoy, Moridja Kitenge, Nicolas Mavrikakis, Michel Niquette, Fabrizio Perozzi, Alana Riley, Sarah Brown; Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron; Alessandro Mangiarotti; Hunter Mclean; Marianne Pon-Layus; Federico Stroppiana; Guillaume Blanchet, Mathieu Girard; Etienne Marcoux; Jérôme Ruby.

Film Section: Eden Awashish; Yousra Benziane; Raymond Capiln; Eather Condos; Denis Coté; Zack Greenleaf; Crystal Dawn Jerome; Thomas Leblanc Murray; Vincent René Lortie; Ryan Mckenna; Marie-Pierre Ottawa; Kevin Papatie; Kazic Radwansky; Matteu Rankin; Emmet Walsh.

The contemporary art event (in)Vision is an invasion of Canadian art on foreign soil.

(in)Vision is about addressing cultural perspectives and provoking dialogue. Its aim is to ensure that the rich diversity and strength of Canada’s voice is heard in today’s global village.

The 2018 edition of Canadian (in)Vision focuses on contemporary art coming out of Montreal.  

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Since January 2017, the Gallery is organizing beyond the walls, various exhibitions and event projects in Canada and abroad.


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