Joyce Yahouda Gallery

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Presented in conjunction with Transmission

Curator: Joyce Yahouda


May 15 – June 27, 2021
Vitrines: 2126 Rachel East, Montreal

Jacqueline Benyes, Jacques Bilodeau, Laurent Bouchard, Annie Briard, Massimo Guerrera, Moridja Kitenge, Nicolas Mavrikakis, Fabrizio Perozzi, Alana Riley, Karen Tam


Exhibition view, APT Gallery (London), 2020

Céline B. La Terreur, Paul Malone, Joseph Dadoune, Nicola Rae, Guy Goldstein, Alexandra Torres Novoa, Jenny Marketou, Aviad Zinemanas and Dor Zlekha Levy, David Bloor, Ondrej Libal

This experimental project, the first to utilize BALCONY, a new network of curators, seeks to evoke curatorial thought and artistic response in a way that seeks to bypass the conventional dialog about COVID-19 and its implications.

Travelling to London, Paris, Berlin, Pilsen, Stockholm, Montreal, New York, Lodz, Tel Aviv

Thursday Oct. 17, Friday Oct. 18, Saturday Oct. 19.

Thursday Oct. 24, Friday Oct. 25.

From 12 – 5 p.m.

Performance: Saturday, October 26, from 12 – 5 p.m.

That day, the space will be modified to accommodate an appropriation of Jean Cocteau’s monodrama, The Human Voice (1930). The text will be interpreted by 4 different actors, including the artist himself.

Join us for a drink from 5 to 6 p.m.!


1134, Ste Catherine O. # 770

H3B 1H4, Montreal, QC, Canada

Metro: Peel

| Press release

As invited curator for the Art Souterrain Festival, I invite you to come and discover the five artists whose work I am thrilled to present (Alexander Pilis, Céline B. La Terreur, Edward Hillel, Perry Bard, Vincent Lafrance). 

I invite you for the different vernissages taking place on Saturday March 2nd, 2019, at The Observatory of Place Ville Marie, World Trade Center of Montréal and at Palais des Congrés de Montréal; starting at 6 pm.

Alexander Pilis @ Observatoire Place Ville Marie
Céline B. La Terreur @ Maison de la culture Pointe-aux-Trembles
Edward Hillel @ Palais des congrès de Montréal
Perry Bard @ Centre de commerce mondial de Montréal
Vincent Lafrance @ Centre de commerce mondial de Montréal

naakita feldman-kiss, Céline B. La Terreur

When Doron Polak and Iris Elhanani invited me, as guest curator, to participate in the exhibition Beyond the Veil, an international artistic project aimed at promoting women's empowerment by women artists, I immediately thought of two multidisciplinary artists, Céline B. La Terreur and naakita feldman-kiss.

The exhibition Beyond the Veil examines contemporary issues, by presenting works by women artists, poets, writers, activists, and journalists, who, through their different practices, question not only the modes of consumption, production, and rituals, but also society’s inequalities, access to ethics, freedom of choice, taking into account the consequences that this entails.

I am pleased to pursue my collaboration with the artist Fabrizio Perozzi, by presenting the installation Intimités/Intimité, whose evolution I have been following over the last 2 years.
Thank you, Galerie Laroche/Joncas, for your invitation to curate the exhibition.

- Joyce Yahouda

Galerie Laroche/Joncas
presents a double exhibition of the works by

Curator Joyce Yahouda
November 22nd - December 17th, 2018  (Belgo, suite 442)

> Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm - 5pm

Curator Michel Denée
November 15th - December 22nd, 2018 (Belgo, suite 410)
Double vernissage
Thursday, November 22nd, 2018, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm

Galerie Laroche/Joncas, Belgo, 372 Ste-Catherine Ouest, suites 410 & 442, Montréal, QC

Guillaume Boudrias-Plouffe, Bernard Gamoy, Moridja Kitenge, Nicolas Mavrikakis, Michel Niquette, Fabrizio Perozzi, Alana Riley, Sarah Brown; Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron; Alessandro Mangiarotti; Hunter Mclean; Marianne Pon-Layus; Federico Stroppiana; Guillaume Blanchet, Mathieu Girard; Etienne Marcoux; Jérôme Ruby.

Film Section: Eden Awashish; Yousra Benziane; Raymond Capiln; Eather Condos; Denis Coté; Zack Greenleaf; Crystal Dawn Jerome; Thomas Leblanc Murray; Vincent René Lortie; Ryan Mckenna; Marie-Pierre Ottawa; Kevin Papatie; Kazic Radwansky; Matteu Rankin; Emmet Walsh.

The contemporary art event (in)Vision is an invasion of Canadian art on foreign soil.

(in)Vision is about addressing cultural perspectives and provoking dialogue. Its aim is to ensure that the rich diversity and strength of Canada’s voice is heard in today’s global village.

The 2018 edition of Canadian (in)Vision focuses on contemporary art coming out of Montreal.  

David Ellingsen, 2016 The Hottest year on Record to Date, 2016

Max Abadian, Maude Arsenault, Jacques Bilodeau, Annie Briard, David Ellingsen, Moridja Kitenge, Nicolas Mavrikakis, François Ollivier, Le Pigeon, Alana Riley, Stephen Schofield, Daniel Shipp, Victor Varga Villafuerte, Louise Viger, Paul Wong, Lee Yanor

Mobilità is movement, the capacity to move; it is mobility. We live in a mobile era, undoubtedly more than ever before in the history of non-nomadic cultures.

If instability and the absence of seemingly immutable material or emotional bonds constitute the fragile face of mobility, the notion is also paired with a number of desirable conditions, such as fluidity, flexibility, adaptability, accessibility, diversity, exchange, freedom and discovery – all of which hold strength. As Lafontaine’s reed that merely bends when the winds blow wild. 

| Press release


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