Laurent Mulot

Biography - Laurent Mulot

Laurent Mulot was born in 1957, in France where he currently works and lives.

After visual arts studies at the Panthéon-Sorbonne University in Paris, he began his artistic practice with the design of unusable objects, which he presented at Neotu Gallery in Paris, as well as numerous sculpture works and installations which were presented in France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy and Brazil. In 2001 he created the work Middle of Nowhere, an installation presented around the globe, notably at the Contemporary art Museum of Lyon, where his works have been part of their collection since 2009, Light Square Gallery (Australia, 2004), Modern Art Museum Duo Lun (China, 2005), L’Éspace Culturel Louis Vuitton in Paris (France, 2011), and Le Plateau in Lyon (France, 2013) for a retrospective for the program Focus at the Contemporary Art Biennale 2013. The artwork Middle of Nowhere is presented on the web site:

Laurent Mulot is represented by Françoise Besson Gallery.