Georges Audet

Biography - Georges Audet

Georges Audet is born in Jonquière, Québec, in 1957.He presently works and lives in Montreal.

He obtained a BFA in architecture at Université Laval, in Québec City (1982). He also studied infography and bookbinding. His practice includes mainly sculpture and photography.

Georges Audet's work has been exhibited in many arts centres, museums and art galleries throughout Québec, and also in Europe.

Since 1999, diverse individual exhibitions has been devoted to his work most notably at the Centre national d’exposition of Saguenay (L’enchantement, 2009), at the Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides (Merlin L’enchanteur, 2008),at Est-Nord-Est (Prelâ, 2008) and at L’imagier (Des meubles pour Alice (II), 2004).

His artworks have been presented in collectives exhibitions in Germany at the Heidelberger Kunsteverein (The travelling Artist, 2001), at Dock in Basel and in Québec in multiple Maisons de la Culture since 2003. Joyce Yahouda Gallery presented his work on the occasion of an individual exhibition (Autour de Merlin l’Enchanteur, 2006) and the Le Mur/The Wall project (2010) and The Store (2004-2005).

In 2011, he spent six months in Basel as artist-in-residence where he took part in the project IAAB (Basel, 2011). Georges Audet also participates to contests within the goal of integrating arts into architecture.