Rachel Monosov

Biography - Rachel Monosov

Bridging photography, video and sculpture, Russian-born Israeli artist RACHEL MONOSOV delves into cultural notions of alienation, territorial belonging, gender and identity. Nature serves as a source for the artist’s imagery and objects, which can be interpreted as both symbolic and indexical. While many of her pieces are autobiographical and steeped with a desire to grapple with her personal history, the body of work as a whole reflects a rootless present rife with broader social implications. 

Monosov’s first solo exhibition with the gallery, Effects of Displacement, took place in January 2015.  Although young, Monosov mounted four international solo shows within a one-year–in Peru, Berlin, New York and Brussels.  She received her BFA in Photography from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, Israel in 2010, and her MFA from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent (KASK), Belgium in 2014.  Her work has been acquired by collections around the world, most notably the Serge Tiroche st-art incubator in Tel Aviv.